MagPad Dinner Table

MagPad Dinner Table

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yogurt Parfait

Once every few months, Scott brings breakfast to his administrative staff meeting at his work. A few times I have made yogurt parfaits for him to bring. They are so easy to make, yet look like a gourmet treat.

Below are the supplies you"ll need to make them and my commentary on where to buy what brands. You can use any brands you want. The suggestions below are just my favorites.

Smart and Final

Plastic wine glasses - package of 50 (They look like a parfait dessert cup. I also have pictured a clear plastic cup from Costco which is cheaper to buy but doesn't look as fancy)

Smart and Final brand Honey & Oats Granola w/almonds - 3 lbs. box. (You could use any brand of granola. I just like the cost and taste of Smart and Final's granola)

Fresh &Easy

I like the taste of Strawberry and Peach Yogurts from Fresh and Easy. 32 oz containers are cheaper to buy. (I also like Yoplait brand of yogurt. Usually the different grocery stores have their name brand of yogurt which is inexpensive compared to name brand yogurts.)

Layer ingredients in the glass, starting with the yogurt. As you put the middle layer of granola, use a spoon and place the granola around the edge of the cup so it will look nice from the outside of the cup after you put on the third layer, which is yogurt. Then the final layer is granola.

Delicious and yet so easy.

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