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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Farming in the City

Here in the big city of Duarte, we can enjoy fresh garden vegetables year round. In the winter we like to grow lettuce, peas, broccoli, and cilantro. In the summer we grow tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, cucumber, pumpkins, strawberries, lettuce, peas, zucchini, cilantro, cucumbers, carrots, green beans and what ever else looks good in the vegetable pony packs in the garden department at the Home Depot or Walmart. Some plants I start from seeds, such as cilantro and lettuce. Other plants I use the pony packs such as tomatoes and peppers.

Below are some pictures of city farming here in Duarte:

My neighbor, Rebecca Seamons has a nice grow box in her back yard. The first picture above is where she planted basil by her tomatoes plants to keep away the bugs.

In this grow box she has bell peppers, squash, and strawberries.

This is in our backyard. To the left are strawberries. To the right are peas and tomatoes.
This garden plot is along our back fence. In this shot you can see cucumbers, lettuce, red peppers, tomatoes and squash.

This is a picture of our compost pile between our two citrus trees. We throw our lawn clippings, and kitchen scraps such as melon rinds and carrot peels there. When it breaks down, we add the soil to our garden plots.

There are many gardening tips at Have fun!

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