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Friday, March 5, 2010

Informational booklet on Emergency Survival

(Click onto above picture to be able to read about what you can learn from the booklet available on the link below.)
Can you tell I'm betting ready to do another class on emergency preparedness? There is such a wealth of information out there on the Internet. I came across a booklet from the Los Angeles County, Office of Emergency Management that has simple short ideas that a family can go through to get themselves emergency prepared.

Each chapter has a simple 1-2 paragraph explanation of what to do. On the next page they have a check list of how a family can get prepared in that area.

Here is a list of the chapters:

Step 1. Family Emergency Plan
Step 2 Supply Storage
Step 3 First Aid Training and Supplies
Step 4 Drop, Cover and Hold On
Step 5 Car Kit and Office Kit
Step 6 Emergency Cash and Important Documents
Step 7 Camping Out Earthquake Style
Step 8 Freshen up your Water and Food Supplies
Step 9 Focus on Children
Step 10 Learn not to Burn
Step 11 Emergency Lighting
Step 12 Gifts of Life

This is an excellent booklet to go through as a family to set some goals for emergency preparedness. They have thought of everything in this booklet in a simple uncomplicated way. Click here to see the link to this booklet.


Angela said...

We are so excited to have you coming to talk to all the women. Thanks for sharing your Blog with me. I love it.

Purple Echo said...

This is a great little booklet! I'm thinking of volunteering to teach a class on this at school. Do you know if it is available in Spanish?


Kathleen said...

Here is the link for the Spanish booklet: